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Full Moon

As life ebbs and flows through good and bad, are you finding it hard to stay in a positive perspective? Find a safe and sacred space to deeply explore what keeps your journey from shifting. 

This coaching engagement was tremendously helpful! I was able to successfully prioritize my professional and creative life which helped me optimize my tight schedule and focus on the "big rocks." You're such an adept coach with a finely tuned ear for both what's being said and what's not being said. You have a tremendous feel for balance as a coach, allowing me to feel uplifted, encouraged, and emboldened but also grounded, aware, and steady. Said another way, you keep me positive and motivated while also keeping me honest, and you aren't afraid to call out inconsistencies and logical disparities in the most loving and empathetic of ways, and it's led to a great deal of confident action on my part. In my eyes, that's exactly the role of a coach, and you do it effortlessly.

What Our Sacred Space Offers

I strongly believe the journey of the human condition needs to have safe and scared space as well as the support from likeminded souls.


Life ebbs and flows. We experience good days and bad. We are constantly questioning and often have a negative state of mind. We can blame genetics, biases, habits, high standards or even society, but how can we take back our journey? How can we break those cycles?


Together, we can create a safe, loving space for you to explore the issues that might be holding you back. We can freely talk through the negative thoughts that keep you from fully enjoying each day, steer you to a new frame of mind so you can shift your journey and reclaim ownership of your walk through life. I'd be honored to accompany and guide you as you find the best version of yourself possible.

This coaching made me more self-aware of how I don't stick to the here and now, and tools to make that happen so I'm more productive. Yes, I realize that I must be in the here now and stick to a schedule and be able to be calm so I can be productive in the future with regards to my journey. I was drawn by your attention to detail, and empathy.
I just want to say thank you for leading to a path I left about 25 years ago. Before I met my husband, I started a journey led by the man that ultimately married my husband and I. It was a beautiful spiritual journey. I believe it led me to my husband. Sadly, after we married my life went in a new direction and before long, I left that path. Over 25 years there were bad choices made and I became frustrated and confused. About 3 years ago I started making changes. Things improved. After I started your life coaching journey, I looked deeper. Your Luna Dance posts have opened my inner soul to that peaceful journey long ago. I am in a peaceful satisfying place.
Before working with Moonsong Coaching, I had a lot of confusion around how to handle a challenging work situation, it was impacting multiple areas of my life. Jamie is very present and is a great listener. She helped me to look at my different options carefully, giving me the confidence to choose the best one for myself. She asks thought-provoking questions which helped me to have more clarity. I was able to make actual changes in my life. Now I resolved the problem at work, and I am advancing my career in multiple ways. Jamie is a highly skilled coach who guided me to have deep and meaningful insights, as well as helping with practical matters. I highly recommend Jamie as a coach if you want someone who can really help you move forward on your goals in an easier and more efficient way. -J.H.


~Coach Jamie

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