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Client Testimonials

Happy Clients

I just want to say thank you for leading to a path I left about 25 years ago. Before I met my husband, I started a journey led by the man that ultimately married my husband and I. It was a beautiful spiritual journey. I believe it led me to my husband. Sadly after we married my life went in a new direction and before long I left that path. Over 25 years there were bad choices made and I became frustrated and confused. About 3 years ago I started making changes.Things improved. After you started your life coaching journey I looked deeper. Your Luna Dance posts have opened my inner sole to that peaceful journey long ago. I am in a peaceful satisfying place. Looking forward to retirement and our travels in the RV. Starting with an Easter sunrise service on the rim of the Grand Canyon.


Before working with Jamie I had a lot of confusion around how to handle a challenging work situation, it was impacting multiple areas of my life. Jamie is very present and is a great listener. She helped me to look at my different options carefully, giving me the confidence to choose the best one for myself. She asks thought-provoking questions which helped me to have more clarity. I was able to make actual changes in my life. Now I resolved the problem at work and I am advancing my career in multiple ways. Jamie is a highly skilled coach who guided me to have deep and meaningful insights, as well as helping with practical matters. I highly recommend Jamie as a coach if you want someone who can really help you move forward on your goals in an easier and more efficient way.


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