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Packages & Rates

Dance in Your Authentic Light

Harmony Session


The harmony session is a chance to make sure we are in alignment with how to work together. We will clarify what coaching is and how that will work within your journey. There will be time to discuss what goals you may want to achieve, where you are in your journey, and what your visions are.

Coaching Package

We will start with a 90 minute session to clarify the goals for your journey. After our harmony session we will move forward with your 6 sessions. You are in control of how these session can serve you. They can be scheduled monthly, bi-weekly, or weekly. 

Mindset Journal Program

A journal program like no other. Embark on a Mindset Journaling program with a mindset life coach. You will have access to a note taking section in a private password protected client area. You can share your journaling notes with your coach. You will be provided a day and time each week when your life coach will read your journal notes and comment back with questions and support to take your mindset deeper. This type of journaling allows you to take a reflective look at your day to day journey to see where you can change your mindset.

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