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The Beauty in Hands

Our hands are one part of our body that we look at every day. How often have you looked at them and have seen the change of the stages and roles of your life?

The other day I looked down and thought how my hands look like mom hands. They have been through 40 years of life. They have helped me through different career/jobs. They held my husband’s hands as we made vows over 10 years ago to stand beside each other in marriage and for the rest of our lives. They have held three babies fresh out of the womb, and have held those babies as they have grown into young boys. My hands have soothed wounds, cooked safe allergy free food, have held crying friends and family, have supported, have snuggled, and cared.

My hands are starting to wrinkle, the skin isn’t as tight as it once was. I am not complaining, I am rejoicing. I love that my hands have done so much. I love that they currently look like “mom hands” because that is the season of life where I am currently. As I age and change into other roles and life takes its twists and turns, my hands will read those changes. My hands will age, and wrinkle but those show the journey and what a beautiful journey it has been and will continue to be.

I have two pictures that I love and cherish and those are pictures of my hand in my grandparents hands before they died. You can see an obvious difference in the age of the hands. Their hands show the life they lived. They show age, love, care, the hands that held me in happy and sad times. I miss those hands incredibly.

I am excited to see how this journey will unfold and I am happy to watch the journey of my hands’ age and reflect on the amazing life I have lead and to show the amazing person and love I have had in my life.

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