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What is Life Coaching?

Updated: Nov 20, 2021

As a Life Coach, I am often asked, "What's that? What do you do for people?" Most everyone knows the role of a coach in a sporting sense: one who trains, encourages, advocates and holds athletes accountable for their success. The same holds true for a Life Coach.

Here are some myths around what a Life Coach is as well as some roadblocks and negative self-talk I have seen clients throw out as a reason to not seek out a Life Coach:

  • Life Coaches will tell you what to do

In Life Coaching session, YOU are in control of how the sessions will progress. YOU bring the goal, roadblock, vision, etc., to the session and together, we will keep you moving forward. A Life Coach will not tell you what steps you need to take but will walk beside you asking powerful questions to help you gain clarity,

  • Life Coaches have perfect lives

The most powerful tool a Life Coach brings to the table is the experience of living life in the trenches, just like you. I have been on my own journey and with that I have experienced ups and downs, just like you. Life Coaches are not perfect and do not have perfect lives and that is why it will be easy to have open, honest discussions with me.

  • Life Coaches can give you discipline and willpower

Life Coaches cannot give you discipline and willpower. This needs to come from within. A Life Coach can work with you to identify the negative self-talk and the roadblocks that are getting in the way of your own willpower and disciplione. Your Life Coach is not living your life, you are. You need to be the one to find what drives you.

  • Life Coaches are going to make you feel better

Life is all about feeling; positive, negative and everything in between. Each emotion and situation happens to teach a lesson. A Life Coach is there to help you experience fully the good, the bad and the ugly. Having a LIfe Coach who embraces your every emotion is comforting.

Life Coaches are for people who are struggling

Life Coaching is great for those who are stuck on how to move forward in any area of their lives. Life Coaching is also great for those who know how to move forward and are excited about the possibilities but need someone to help identify how to make the most of the adventure. There are people who seek Life Coaching for spirtual or personal development. Life Coaching really encompasses every aspect of life it is a safe place to explore and talk about every possible outcome and scenario and to clearly ientify the path you wish to take.

  • Life Coaching is therapy

Life Coaching is NOT therapy. Therapy is always done by a certified mental health professional and tends to stay in the past working on what happened and how to process past trarumas.

Life Coaching is goal and future oriented. It focuses on moving you forward. We may touch on the past traumas to see where you are and to change your self-talk about a situation but always with the objective of continued progress forward and towards you goals.

Life Coaching is all about YOU: your clarity, your process, your goals, your growth. If you want to see change, see your goals and visions through, and live in your most authentic higher self, reach out for a connect call to see how bigger and brighter your future self can be!

~Coach Jamie

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