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What is Self Care?

Lets talk about self care. What is self care? I posted a video reel the other day asking this very question. As I was getting ready to go into the store to get a few items and was alone, I thought to myself is this self care? Can these few moments be considered self care? And if not, why not?

Are we conditioned to think self care has to be some big and grand gesture? So many times when self care is brought up the immediate thought jumps to a massage, spending money on a trip, getting a spa treatment.

As a mother who is homeschooling and working part time, a few moments of silence is golden and perfect for self care. Reading a book for half an hour can be amazing. Running errands by myself in quiet is peaceful. How many moms have found sitting in their car for an extra 5 minutes is all they need to push through the rest of the day.

But it isn't just moms or women who need this self care time. We also need to normalize the need for men to have some time to relax as well. Again this time doesn't have to be some big and grand gesture. Half an hour during the day for some time alone can sometimes make such a huge difference.

So the big question is, how have you been conditioned to think self care should look? What would taking just 30 minutes alone doing something you enjoy do for you in terms of self care?

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